What Georgia’s Reading This Summer: Chapter Book Recommendations

By Cleo Joyce
Programming Manager, Forsyth County Public Library

Summer break is the perfect time for sun, fun, and days spent poolside—and it’s also the perfect time for reading. Kids who don’t read over the summer are at risk of losing up to 20% of their school year gains in reading. Encouraging reading and reading on grade level for K – 3 students is essential for future academic success.

Check out these fun titles for new chapter book readers:

Sadiq Series by Siman Nuurali and Anjan Sarkar

Sadiq is a Somali American kid who loves his family and friends. In Sadiq and the Perfect Play, Sadiq and his friends decide to put on a play, but when Sadiq makes himself the director, his vision for the play clashes with his castmates. Can Sadiq learn to ask for help so the show can go on? This series is perfect for kids who like to read about relatable topics like school and family. It features large print, short chapters, and color illustrations.
Available on Renaissance myON’s digital library for free through July 31

Dory Fantasmagory Series by Abby Hanlon

Dory, the youngest in her family, is not short on imagination. Whether Dory is trying to escape the nefarious Ms. Gobblegracker, her archnemesis, or trying to call her fairy godmother on the banana phone, Dory’s antics are sure to make any reader laugh out loud. With silly illustrations that add to the text, Dory Fantasmagory is the perfect book for any kids who love to invent their own stories and play make believe.
Available on eRead Kids

Carver Chronicles Series by Karen English and Laura Freeman

Gavin is the new kid at school and wants to make a good impression—if only his family would let him. When Gavin accidently breaks his sister’s favorite snow globe, he finds himself walking his aunt’s yappy, pink bow wearing Pomeranian. How will Gavin ever prove to the kids at Carver Elementary that is he actually cool when he has a pampered puppy in tow? The Carver Chronicles is a great series for new chapter book readers who are almost ready to move up to more challenging reads. It features realistic and relatable situations, great characters, and funny family dynamics.
Available on eRead Kids

Itty Bitty Princess Kitty by Melody Mews and Ellen Stubbings

Calling all fans of cuteness: If you love princesses, kitties, fairies, and unicorns, then the Itty Bitty Princess Kitty series is the one for you. In the first book in the series, follow Itty Bitty as she learns she is going to become a princess. But being royal might not be everything Itty Bitty imagined. Is Itty Bitty ready to be a princess? With help from her friends and family, Itty Bitty Kitty learns she might already have what it takes to be the next princess of Lollyland. With adorable illustrations on every page and easy to read text, Itty Bitty Princess Kitty is a great choice for readers ready to venture into chapter books for the first time.
Available on eRead Kids

Mindy Kim by Lyla Lee and Dung Ho

In the first book in the series, Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business, Mindy is a Korean American girl trying to fit in at her new school, and maybe get a puppy in the process. When kids make fun of Mindy’s Korean lunch, Mindy and her new friend decide to turn the tables and start selling seaweed snacks at lunch. But soon Mindy is in over her head. Can Mindy find a way to save her business, get out of trouble with her dad, and still get that puppy? With short chapters, easy to read text, and black and white illustrations, the Mindy Kim series is a wonderful read for any kids who have ever felt like they don’t fit in.
Available on eRead Kids

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