Free online resources for early learning from birth to age five and Kindergarten to Grade Three. Also includes links to resources for assistance with access to food, income assistance, and healthcare

Activities you can do at home and offline to help your child be ready for their next grade from Kindergarten through Grade Three. The activities are aligned with academic standards and provided to help you prepare your child for success. Not every child is expected to master every standard. These resources will be updated to add subjects and help keep learning engaging and fun.

Georgia Home Classroom is a collaboration between GPB Education and Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) to support at-home learning for students in Pre-K through 12th grade, including digital learning resources and an instructional broadcast schedule.

What’s Happening?

Check out the latest news and stories that affect children in Georgia.

Rome Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth Brings Books to the Barbershop

Books, Barbers, and Beauticians was introduced at two locations with the aim of promoting literacy in a fun, functional, incentivizing way.

Get the Children Reading

Promoting literacy helps protect the health, well-being and economy of communities, and it’s a great way to engage young readers.

Newest Early Literacy Bright Spots: ArtsNow & SEE-KS

In the coming months, L4L’s Early Literacy Network will identify strategies to support scaling ArtsNow and SEE-KS so more students benefit from their work.

What Can I Do?

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  • Hear more about our four-pillar framework for achieving reading proficiency by third grade.
  • Check out relevant data points for monitoring the progress of conditions related to achieving reading proficiency by third grade—and use our data tools.
  • Find more resources to assist your child.
  • Use the Community Locator to see if your community has joined the Campaign and, if not, find out how to bring yours together to get kids reading.

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