Planting Seeds of Change in Georgia to Create Thriving Communities

State Rep. Randy Nix says that if Georgia is going to continue to thrive and be the No. 1 place in the country to do business, failure in getting all kids on the path to reading proficiency by third grade is simply not an option.

“We can’t rest and we can’t hesitate,” said Nix. “The Get Georgia Reading Campaign has provided the tools we need to rewrite our story to improve childhood literacy—and they are making a difference today.”

Nix highlighted progress being made in Georgia where more than 100 Campaign communities use the four-pillar framework to develop local solutions—including reaching children before they enter school with programs like Baby Braves in Heard County; employing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to improve school climate; engaging with lawmakers to help craft legislation and policy; and providing wraparound services to aid children and families struggling with physical and mental health issues, housing needs, and food insecurity.

“The Get Georgia Reading Campaign eliminates all the education ‘silos’ and establishes a process that goes from prenatal care all the way through high school graduation,” said Nix. “If we have followed the process with fidelity, graduates are prepared for the next big step—higher education, workforce entry, or the military. An added benefit is the communities that embrace this process will attract jobs so these young people will be able to come back home to their communities to live and work and raise their families.”

Get the full recap of the Beyond 2020 Get Georgia Reading Summit that brought together a unique cross-section of community leaders and statewide decision-makers to stimulate innovative, scalable solutions that will create the conditions essential for all children to become proficient readers by the end of third grade.

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