Oh, What Fun It is to Read

As your family prepares for the holidays, and kids are home from school, reading routines can dash away as quickly as Old Saint Nick. But our kids need to keep their minds sharp during the holidays, and Scholastic has a way for them to do that—while keeping it fun.

Scholastic has given every child in Georgia free access to BookFlix, a digital literacy resource that pairs animated storybooks with related nonfiction titles to reinforce early reading skills and develop essential real-world knowledge. The vibrant animation, rich audio, and interactive games make BookFlix a perfect tool to engage and support beginning readers from Pre-K to third grade. BookFlix helps students:

  •     read and comprehend literature and information text,
  •     respond to texts that are read aloud, and
  •     acquire grade-appropriate vocabulary.

This free resource is available now through Sunday, Jan. 15. Your kids can begin reading today.

User ID: bookflix
Password: leaf

“Children need books,” said Caitlin Dooley, deputy superintendent for Curriculum Instruction, Georgia Department of Education. “Literacy develops with practice, practice, practice. So we encourage all children to take advantage of these and other texts. Children open books and learn about reading. Books open children to learning more about their world.”

Here are some other tips to keep your kids reading over the holidays:

  •     Ask them to read holiday cards that you receive in the mail, and let them write a message in cards you send out.
  •     Give them an opportunity to appreciate the arts during the holidays by stopping by a local museum or attending free events like concerts and plays.
  •     Encourage them to help with shopping trips by writing and reading the list, and ask them to help you find products in the store or online.
  •     Let them read ingredients from holiday recipes while you bake together. It’s a great way to sneak in some math skills as they learn measurements, temperatures, and cooking times.
  •     Build a den or hideout with your kids out of blankets or sheets. Ask them to choose some books to take into the den to read. Don’t forget the flashlight. That’s the best part.
  •     Make special holiday readings a tradition. Find a special Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanza story and have each member of the family read from it every year.
  •     Give them at least one book as a gift—even if it didn’t make the list.

Please share this resource. Let’s keep all our kids engaged and reading over the holidays.