Fifth Graders Reveal the Good, the Bad, and the Scary about Reading with myON


Now that communities across Georgia are taking advantage of free access to online books this summer, we wanted to know what using myON is really like from a child reader’s perspective. Morgan Wright’s fifth grade class from the 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue in Decatur recently reviewed myON’s content and reading environment. In their own words, here’s what some of Ms. Wright’s students have to say:

My favorite books on myON are stories where the villains tell the stories in their perspective. They are so creative! I never found those books in our library. I also enjoyed them because myON reads it for me. So I can just watch my sister and read my favorite books on myON! But now I read all of the villain perspective stories! I need more of those books!

I suggest adding more higher-level books that are still interesting. Also, they should add some books that are fit for everyone to read and are still fun to read for everyone. When I get on myON, most of the books I see are usually a lower level to my grade, and I am trying to read above grade level to get prepared for 6th grade. My favorite place to read myON is outside because it’s really peaceful and I can concentrate and focus more on my reading, it also really helps for me to be in a silent place while I am reading.


The book I read: Top 10 Urban Mysteries. I read this book because it said it had urban legends that were haunting, and I like to look at scary stuff that makes your hair stand on end. The main category of books I read is scary because I like being scared and I like reading scary stories. I don’t use any of the tools because they distract me from my reading.

Cece is a great place to read. There are so many books, you could read about anything. It is also great because it has books we don’t have in the library, so you can read more. You can choose what books you want to read about. There are different categories like animals, sports, science, and so much more. If you run out of books to read, is a place you should go. It has books for all ages. You can also choose if you want it to be just fiction, just nonfiction, or just graphic novels. can supply you with many books to read.


I believe the book Scary Monsters is unconvincing. I believe the book’s premise was unrealistic and could not really be believed. I think if the author had used more logic and facts, then I would have said monsters could be real. But there was not enough proof, so I could not say yes.

I think myON is a great reading website. One of my favorite books was Max and Zoe. I like this website because you do not have to pay for it. I think the website will improve my reading. The site will also help with my summer reading. I think the site will help not just me, but also the school. I give myON a 5 star rating.


Lily Mae
There was a genre of books that I really like that the media center didn’t have a lot of. myON calls this genre Fairytales, Fables, and Folklore. I really like twisted fairy tales and things like that, but the library didn’t have a lot of those kinds of books, so I looked on Get Georgia Reading and found hundreds of chapter books with all of my favorite “characters.” I strongly recommend this site for other children because it has so many books about all topics that anyone could read. It even has picture books for younger learners and readers.

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