Georgia Partnership’s ‘Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2016’ Now Available

As state representatives begin their work under the Gold Dome in Atlanta, one thing is certain, several education issues will be addressed over the next four months. Each year since 2005, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has released its Top Ten Issues to Watch report that focuses on a variety of topics, many of which will receive legislative attention.

The report identifies and analyzes 10 key areas the organization believes will be headline issues throughout the year and also offers suggested action steps the state needs to take to keep moving its public education system forward.  The 2016 edition is now available.

Some topics such as assessments, funding and early education are often recurring themes but there are several new issues this year such as Success for All: What to Do With Chronically Failing Schools?; Georgia’s Teaching Pipeline: Protecting Our Future; After School Time: Where Learning Continues; Workforce Readiness: The Role of K-12; and Postsecondary Education: Access and Success.

The report’s primary author, Dr. Dana Rickman, the Georgia Partnership’s policy and research director, says each edition is unique thanks to the process used to identify the final 10 issues to be addressed.  Rickman assembles a committee comprised of education, government, civic and business leaders in September and they look at the education landscape through their various perspectives.

As always, the report begins with “Indicators for Success: Where is Georgia Today?” This introduction lets readers clearly see where Georgia stacks up against national averages in eight categories such as children living in poverty, children ages 3-5 attending preschool, and adults over age 25 with an associate’s degree or higher.

Dr. Steve Dolinger, Georgia Partnership president, has seen the report consistently grow over its lifetime both in size and importance. “When we started in 2005,” explained Dolinger, “the report was newsletter size. This year we have 53 pages full of facts, figures and analysis.”  He added the report has become a respected education resource across the state and is provided to each member of the Georgia House and Senate to help them in their work.

Dolinger stressed this is also an excellent document for the education laymen. “We write this in a way that makes complex issues understandable. We invite anyone with an education interest to review it and use it throughout the year.”

Read the report online in flip-page format.

Download the report in PDF format.

The Georgia Partnership will provide one free copy upon request by sending an email to Postage reimbursement will be required for greater quantities.

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Founded in 1992 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education consists of business, education, community and government leaders who share a vision of education excellence.  Working to be Georgia’s foremost change agent in education, the independent non-profit, non-partisan organization takes lead roles in efforts to shape policy and reform education.

Bill Maddox
Communications Director
Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

Bill Valladares
GaFCP Communications Director