Reading Comes in Handy for Fifth-Grade Sleuth/Gymnast


Hi, my name is Sarah Charlotte and I like to read. I am a fifth grader at Mt. Vernon Exploratory School in Gainesville, GA.

I like lots of books, but my top two favorites are The Isle of the Lost and the Harry Potter books. My favorite author is J.K Rowing because she wrote Harry Potter. Sometimes, I choose based on my favorite genre. My favorite kind of genre is mystery. Mysteries interest me because I like figuring them out. My favorite mystery author is Agatha Christie.

I like to read non-fiction books because I love history and learning about other people. I also love reading about how to take care of animals because I love animals. I am also into scripts and plays. Sometimes, I would read them all day and then act them out. Someday soon I hope to write a script about my favorite sport—gymnastics. Reading comes in handy a lot in gymnastics because sometimes I read to learn more about my skills on the Internet or in books, and to learn about my favorite gymnasts. I check out biographies from the library or download them onto a tablet.

Also, if you do not like to read books, you can read magazines. Just the other day I was reading a magazine called American Girl Magazine, because I could not find my other book. It got me thinking that there are more than just pictures in a magazine!

Thanks for reading my first blog post. More to come!

What are your favorite books?

Sarah Charlotte