GOSA Announces New Community-Based Literacy Grants

On August 10, 2017, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) announced the launch of the Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program, a new grant opportunity designed to invest in community partnerships to support efforts to improve the early language and literacy development of Georgia’s young children. As Governor Deal has stated, “Early language development and literacy are vital skills for putting our young children on the path to success.” The mini-grants grants provide an opportunity to build community coalitions focused on this work.

The Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program, a joint effort between GOSA and the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College, is designed to support collaborative partnerships in projects targeting birth to age eight language and literacy development needs.  These community partnerships may include childcare centers, public and private Pre-Ks, primary grades of elementary schools, local service agencies, and local nonprofits.

In this program, grants will be awarded, in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, to support innovative projects that develop or strengthen community initiatives targeting at least one of the four pillars of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign:  Language Nutrition, Access, Positive Learning Climate, and Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness.  For more information on this grant opportunity, visit the GOSA website at https://gosa.georgia.gov/grants-initiatives.

The Center’s mission is to improve Georgia’s literacy rate for children from birth to age eight, provide support for educators in K-3 classrooms, child care centers, and preschools through professional learning and training.  The Center will also work with universities, technical college early childhood education programs, alternative educator preparation programs, and other public and private stakeholders to engage the communities at large across the state.

As part of the application process, potential applicants are encouraged to participate in a technical assistance workshop.  These workshops will be held throughout the state and will help to guide team members through the successful completion of an Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant application.  Dates, locations, and registration links for these workshops are listed below.

If you have questions about this grant opportunity, please feel free to contact Stacey Lutz, Program Manager for Strategic Professional Learning at stacey.lutz@georgia.gov or Dr. Cayanna Good, Deputy Director, Innovation and Academic Strategy, at cgood@georgia.gov.

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