Get Ready for Year Two of Ready4K GA

Get ready for the start of another school year with a valuable resource for parents—one that has recently expanded to support even more children in Georgia.

Thousands of parents across the state signed up last year to receive text message reminders, in both English and Spanish, to help prepare their 4- and 5-year-olds for success in kindergarten.

This evidence-based program will again be available starting on Monday, Sept. 26, for families of pre-K and kindergarten students. This year, the partners are also adding text messages tailored to support parents of 3-year-olds, providing tips, facts, resources, and regular reminders of how they can excel in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher.

Once a family enrolls, they receive three short text messages each week: one highlighting an important literacy skill like rhyming or letter recognition, a second with an easy activity that parents can do with their children to develop that skill, and a third with suggestions about how to continue nurturing growth in that area.

Recent studies have found that this type of “nudging” text messages are effective in increasing parental engagement in home literacy activities and with children’s schools, resulting in measurable progress by children whose parents are enrolled.

A recent New York Times article also explored the potential of literacy-focused messages to reduce education disparities between children from low- and higher-income households.

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The free texts are made possible by a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education and ParentPowered Public Benefit Corporation. While there is no cost for enrolling in Ready4K GA, data and message rates may apply. When parents sign up, they agree to enroll in the program, the ParentPowered PBC Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and to receive approximately three Ready4K Ga texts per week from 70138. Parents can cancel receipt of Ready4K GA texts any time by texting STOP to 70138. For help with Ready4K GA, text HELP to 70138 or send an email.