Make Time to Teach Teachers

What does strong teaching look like in the classroom?

Caitlin Dooley, deputy superintendent for Curriculum Instruction at the Georgia Department of Education, says good instruction should mirror today’s society. That means showing students how to think for themselves by asking questions that don’t have right or wrong answers. It means changing the old-fashioned idea of children looking to their teacher for all the answers. Teachers and students need authentic communication and honest questions to flow between them. Teachers should be wondering alongside their students, and asking them to clarify their thinking. But sometimes, because of growing enrollment numbers, shrinking resources, and lack of time, teachers can’t get the essential learning they themselves need to help our children thrive.

Caitlin talks about what you should see and hear in classrooms when there’s good instruction—and one strategy we can use to help teachers get to that point.

Then go back and hear Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker talk to us about the imperative work of teaching families.