“One of the reasons I was drawn to the Get Georgia Reading Campaign was my interest in promoting quality of life. You can’t have a high quality of life without a positive community climate, a positive home climate, and a positive school climate. I am dedicated to ensuring that all children in Georgia feel connected and supported so they can achieve their full potential.”

Garry McGiboney, Executive Director of Government and Education Programs

Sharecare, a health and wellness engagement platform, links millions of people across the health system and helps education leaders and community leaders across the country—and across Georgia—to improve both workplace climates and community climates.

Sharecare’s Community Well-Being Index and Blue Zones Project help state and local leaders access data on a wide range of dimensions of well-being, from economic security and health care access to supportive relationships in an effort to inform action to improve the quality of life and promote healthy choices for all residents, including children. Helping communities become healthier and more vibrant will contribute to more positive learning climates across the community as well as inside the schools and boosts the quality of the local education system.

McGiboney, a founding member of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign Cabinet with more than 40 years of experience in education at both the local and state level, continues to be a vocal supporter of the four pillars, speaking regularly to leadership groups about the importance of language development, school-based behavioral health, and access to health care and learning opportunities.

To learn more about Sharecare, visit their website.

Hear a powerful story from Dr. Garry McGiboney that illustrates why it’s time we hold all schools in Georgia up to more exacting standards about climate.