“The GaPSC is passionate about the work it takes to positively impact the learning of all children. Commission members and GaPSC staff recognize the value of enabling all children to read proficiently by the end of the third grade, and we are strengthening our teacher and leader preparation programs with that goal in mind.”

Bobbi Ford, Education Specialist

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) is integrally aligned with the Campaign’s teacher preparation and effectiveness pillar. The GaPSC establishes the standard expectations for educators—both those preparing for careers in the profession and those extending their learning throughout their careers as educators.

Because educator preparation programs also address the establishment and importance of a positive learning environment, as well as the importance of early learning and access to resources that meet the needs of children and their families, GaPSC is also aligned with these other critical pillars.

The GaPSC is promoting the Campaign in the P-20 Collaborative work across the state, which includes key senior staff from all seven education agencies and representatives from statewide public and private entities that promote and/or benefit from strong education systems.

The three state agencies have divided the state into nine regions. Each of these regions contains the educator preparation providers and their P-12 partner districts. Although each region has its own strategic planning team, GaPSC is promoting the four pillars to the team leads to make them aware of the work the Get Georgia Reading Campaign is accomplishing.

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