“GaFCP and its statewide network of community Collaboratives believes in the power of local decision-making to move this four-pillar framework forward and to better support children in Georgia achieving reading proficiency by the end of third grade. We are honored to host this vital work alongside the many dedicated leaders who share this commitment.”

Gaye Smith, Executive Director

Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) and the network of community Collaboratives across the state aim to improve conditions and prospects of families in every community throughout the state. The four pillars of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign align with GaFCP’s core values of convening, collaborating, being inclusive, and bringing the right people with the right resources to the table for a common goal. The Campaign provides a framework for engagement and collaboration that encourages partners to bring their resources and ideas to bear on improving early literacy results for children across Georgia.

GaFCP believes that lasting change is local—lending support, knowledge, and partnerships to craft local solutions to local challenges. They continue to support communities and partners across the state to embed the pillars of Language Nutrition for infants and toddlers, access to needed services for healthy development, safe and nurturing learning environments, and high-quality, evidence-informed instruction for all of Georgia’s children.

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