“I am elated that we’ve been able to motivate and mobilize such a broad, diverse, and expanding group of partners to lead the charge in Fulton County as part of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign. Each of these partners understands the potential of the four pillars to effectively engage our children in the learning process and shares our vision and passion to help our families and children who are in desperate need of encouragement and support.”

Janet Adams, Coordinator

The Atlanta-Fulton Family Connection Early Childhood Health and Education Cohort is committed to working with local partners to promote children’s healthy language and literacy development in the community surrounding the Oak Hill Child Adolescent & Family Center in south Atlanta/Fulton.

With a broad group of partners, the Cohort has developed a common vision to provide collaborative services related to prevention, early intervention, and family support. This diverse and growing group applies the four pillars to improve the lives of families and children.

Partners apply the Campaign’s common agenda as they seek to ensure that children and their families have access to the health, education, and supportive services necessary to ensure that children are on a pathway to third-grade reading proficiency. They host a wide range of community events and programs including healthy cooking classes, nutrition camps and cooking demonstrations, healthy mom outreach events, mother and family counseling sessions, and summer reading camp. The partners also offering in-school tutoring to help young children overcome reading challenges.

Recognizing that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, partners work to support and meet the needs of parents in the community. The cohort helps families access resources they need, from food and housing to GED classes and workforce development activities. They also distribute books and promote family engagement activities that help families deliver abundant Language Nutrition to young children, providing a sound foundation for literacy.

As young children move into early learning and the early grades, the Collaborative, which includes the local school systems, is committed to providing training support for the teachers who help struggling readers.

To learn more about Atlanta-Fulton Family Connection, visit their website. To learn more about the Early Childhood Health and Education Cohort, visit their website.