Georgia is innovating a practice that integrates strategies from the preschool model of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) into the school-wide model. These tools help teachers and administrators understand and apply the knowledge of child development to better lay a secure foundation for children during their first few years of early elementary school.

A positive learning climate means that when children go to school, they clearly understand what is expected of them and feel safe, supported, and respected. For children ages 0-8, a positive learning environment requires adults to teach skills in problem solving, friendship, following expectations, rules and routines, identifying feelings in others and in oneself, controlling anger, and exercising self-control. And it requires that adults engage with and listen to children.

The Metropolitan Regional Education Service Agency, Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL), and Georgia Department of Education are leveraging the state’s investment in PBIS with funding from the David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund – Atlanta. By integrating practices from the preschool PBIS model into the school-wide model, these partners are developing a new, scalable approach aimed at supporting the social-emotional development of children across their first eight years of life.

Early Learning Climate Infographics for Teachers and Administrators

Early Learning Climate Slide Presentation

Early Learning Climate Implementation Model Descriptions of Best Practices

Early Learning Climate Videos

The toolkit includes five videos designed for administrators, teachers, parents, policymakers, and anyone with a stake in creating healthy classrooms in Georgia. These videos, each less than 10 minutes in length, illustrate what a positive learning climate looks and feels like as well as demonstrate how to apply positive learning climate practices in everyday classroom scenarios.

Why Positive Learning Climates Matter
Check out this introduction to the concept of positive learning climate and why it matters.

The Power of Positive Early Learning Climate for Children Ages 0-8
Find out why “early learning” should be classified as ages 0-8 instead of ages 0-5.

Five Mind Shifts Required to Create Positive Early Learning Climates
New mindsets are necessary to pave the way for successful and positive early learning climates in schools across Georgia.

Three Classroom Practices to Build Positive Social-Emotional Engagement with Early Learners
We encourage anyone with a stake in creating healthy classrooms in Georgia to use this in your trainings, curricula, presentations, and keynotes.

Georgia’s Response to the Need for Positive Early Learning Climates
The practice of integrating strategies from the preschool model of PBIS into the school-wide model helps lay a secure foundation for children during their first few years of elementary school.