“The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement remains committed to investing in community partnerships to support efforts to improve the early language and literacy development of Georgia’s young children. We are proud to be strong partners of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign.”

Cayanna Good, Executive Director

Governor Nathan Deal has made the goal of having every Georgia student reading on grade level by the end of third grade the first priority among his education goals for the state. The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) supports the achievement of this goal through the projects in their agency and through their participation in and support of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign.

There is strong alignment between the Get Georgia Reading Campaign’s four-pillar framework and three of the Innovative Literacy programs offered by GOSA: the Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program (a joint effort between GOSA and the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College), Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) Growing Readers grant, and Innovation Fund grants.

The Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant Program is designed to support collaborative partnerships in projects targeting birth-to-age-8 language and literacy development needs.

RESA Growing Readers Program focuses on providing high-quality professional learning in literacy instruction for teachers in schools with struggling populations. Two of the learning targets for the yearlong professional learning and coaching framework center on implementing successful conferencing strategies with individual students and using data to identify and execute successful intervention strategies to support literacy development.

One of the Innovation Fund’s priority areas is Birth to Age 8 Language and Literacy. GOSA utilized the Get Georgia Reading Campaign’s four pillars to write the definition of this priority area and asked applicants to explain how their proposed programs would address the pillars.

The agency promotes the four pillars as a framework for action across the state by embedding them into Innovative Programs work with teachers, school administrators, and district-level administrators as they serve schools to improve teacher practice and student achievement.

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