“I work in school improvement and professional learning and much of that deals with literacy. I’ve seen a lot of literacy-focused strategies over the years, but what really excites me about the Get Georgia Reading Campaign is its solutions-focused, epidemiological approach that pushes us to investigate new areas and promotes new conversations exploring what the science is telling us about what it takes to support the whole child in achieving early literacy.”

Kenneth Mason, Georgia State Board of Education

In his role as the District 5 Representative on the Georgia Board of Education, Kenneth Mason works with his colleagues to advance the Campaign’s four-pillar agenda in the state’s 181 school districts to support the success of 1.6 million students. He’s also helping to introduce Georgia’s data-driven approach across the southern region—and the nation—through his involvement with the Southern Regional Education Board and the National Association of State Boards of Education.

Mason provides professional learning as a literacy specialist to build the capacity of educators in all con-tent areas to develop literacy-based assignments. He previously served as a Teach for America corps member and was a founding member and advisory council chair for KIPP Strive Academy in Atlanta.

Mason views the Campaign as a critical asset for engaging the many potential partners who can support children and families along the birth-through-third-grade pathway to reading proficiency.

“The research and data that undergird the Campaign and its four-pillar framework underscore the intersections in a child’s life and development that parents, educators, policymakers and other stake-holders should be paying attention to and addressing,” said Mason. “It also provides a foundation for all who want to support improved child outcomes, emphasizing the importance of taking a holistic approach that focuses on children’s needs both inside and outside of the classroom and school—beginning at birth.”

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