“As more and more children discover the joys of reading, I will continue to do all I can in my role as First Lady to ensure our state and local systems are providing them and their families with the supports, services, and educational opportunities to enable them to achieve their dreams. Serving as a leader of Get Georgia Reading helps me fulfill that goal.”

Sandra Deal, First Lady of Georgia

As a former Georgia public school teacher, the First Lady of Georgia strongly supports her husband’s commitment to increase the percentage of Georgia’s third-grade students reading at grade level.

“I am honored to serve as a leader of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign, working with the many state and local leaders whose everyday actions are helping to make that goal a reality,” says Deal, noting that the four pillars provide a critical organizing framework for our collective efforts. “I wholeheartedly embrace each of them as I travel around the state and in the leadership roles I play in Atlanta.”

Literacy is one of Deal’s top priorities, and she has traveled to every county in the state, visiting more than 500 schools in 181 school districts. During these visits, she reads and interacts with the children, encouraging them to explore the world of books and all the adventure, new ideas, and information they hold. She also urges their parents to deliver Language Nutrition to their children by reading and telling stories and always engaging the children in conversation.

“It is my hope that, by seeing the First Lady visiting their school, students and teachers will realize their school is valued and the state’s highest leaders stand behind them in wanting to help them achieve their literacy and learning goals,” she says.

Ensuring that all of our children become proficient readers and succeed in school and life requires that the efforts of the public and private organizations and agencies that work with children and families are aligned in a way that makes services and supports accessible to all who need them. Deal says it’s “an honor” to oversee the work of the Children’s Cabinet, helping to coordinate policies and resources to support a sustainable and comprehensive system of education and care for children and their families.

She also strongly supports the work of Great Start Georgia, which is enabling service providers to build collaborative partnerships with parents of newborns and building their capacity to deliver Language Nutrition to their babies and children in their role as their child’s first and best teachers.

“Reading is foundational. It paves the way to success in school and life. But, it is also fun,” says Deal. “That is my core message to the children I see when I travel across the state. I want to encourage a love of reading.”

Hear Mrs. Deal speak about how she has continued her lifelong mission to encourage childhood education and promote literacy in her role as Georgia’s first lady.

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