“We must do everything possible to foster an environment of innovation in our public schools. No two students learn in the same way, and no two communities in Georgia have the same resources. Each school must have the freedom to implement new ideas and programs designed to better engage students and improve academic performance.”

Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle credits the education he received in Georgia’s public schools for his success. Raised by a single mom, who fought to keep her family out of poverty, he was fortunate to have opportunities that allowed him to climb the economic ladder and achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Public education will always be the great equalizer of our society. An education system that effectively provides a foundation for all students to be academically and professionally successful creates lasting economic growth. Cagle’s vision to reform Georgia’s schools is founded upon the idea that the only way we will accomplish our mission is by encouraging each school to embrace local control to meet the challenges of individual students.

Recognizing the impact of children’s health on their learning and literacy development, Cagle collaborates with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program and other corporate and community partners in the Healthy Kids Georgia program. Healthy Kids Georgia encourages schools to partner with their local communities to confront the childhood obesity crisis by implementing health and wellness programs in Georgia’s schools. Nonprofits, communities, and school districts that are making progress in promoting and fostering health and wellness among Georgia’s youth are recognized by the program each year.

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